Friday, March 9, 2012

A Blustery Farewell: Utah Family Photography

I took a group family picture a few weeks ago in honor of the fellow pictured above. He left on his LDS mission this week and his family wanted one last group photograph before his impending 2 year absence.
The weather was terribly uncooperative. . . the wind was fierce and frigid. The picture below is a good illustration.
But look how hard the grand kids are trying to smile in the next photograph.

Here's our best. . . yes the hair is wild and wind blown. . .well, that's the truth of the blustery day. But they all look great considering how cold they are, not to mention the dust blowing into their eyes :)

And these last 2 photographs are fun.

all in all not bad, it was crazy cold. good thing the people were awesome!