Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Peace: Utah Newborn Photography

More to come of this little, Tiny, Sweetie-Pie. Less than 24hrs old in this Picture. Did you see her hand? . . Peace. . . Get IT?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

And The Winner Is. . . .

Lucky Number 8.
Mallory with Comment Number 8, who said...

Beautiful! I would love to win this fascinator. So pretty! It would be a great addition to my photo prop collection. Thank you!

I will email you for shipping info. shortly!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Heirloom Dress: Utah baby photography

Did you see her flexibility skills? She is totally doing the splits. Wow, future yogi.

This little darlin is wearing an heirloom dress crafted by her maternal great grandmother. Lucky me that I got to capture her as she displayed the beautiful handi-work. I really like how the color of the dress looks with her hair and eyes. precious, if you ask me.

PS. Don't forget to enter the fascinator giveaway a few posts below. you have until Friday at midnight, and the best part is. . .there is no catch. just leave a comment and you are in the drawing :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring is Green: Utah Family Photographer

It was so nice to get out in the warmer weather 2 weeks ago and spend some time in a favorite field. What happened to the nice weather, by the way? It rained all last week until today. Supposedly it is going to rain again soon. I AM SO READY FOR SUMMER AND WARM WEATHER!

These pictures look like summer:

Here is Family Z. Cute as can be.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Little Man is Growing Up: Utah Child Photography

He's 2.5 years old now:

Knows how to play Brother John (very slowly) on the Piano.

Loves Rolli-Polli Bugs and Trains.

Talks your ear off.

Enjoys reading books at bed time.

Says the funniest things.

Is always one step ahead of me.

We love him so much.

Don't forget to enter the fascinator giveaway!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Solitary Confinement, For Your Pets

This has been a busy few weeks:

Planting our garden
Blake is in Organic Chemistry
and also working WAY too many crazy shifts
J is getting married, tomorrow.
. . .

So here is a quick Tuesday Tip I have been saving for a night when I just don't have a lot of time to write :)

This tip is for those of us who own and love pets, but it works particularly well for dogs (not so much cats). I call it: Solitary Confinement--> sounds meaner than it is.

My dog is a busy one and getting her to hold still by my north facing window is a T-R-I-A-L. So I like to stick her on a table.

that's right, A TABLE! (this one from IKEA)

The table is just tall enough that she can't jump down, wide enough that it is safe for her, and sturdy enough that it won't fall.

In this solitary space---SHE IS MOMENTARILY STALLED!

I do this so she can't really go anywhere else, or be busily sniffing my camera lens. I also like it because I can say her name and she looks right at me (with an expression that says: my mamma has gone nuts).

I have used this isolation trick on mobile, busy children too. If you give them a defined space to 'play' where they can't escape from you, then you have a better chance of capturing a realistic, happy, playful image of them.

NO, I have not put a child on a table from IKEA (it's too small) but I have put a child in a bucket, on a raised crate thing, on a desk etc. . .

And obviously this little tip would not work on a Great Dane, but I bet you could apply the principle and find a nice truck bed to place your giant dog in. At least for a couple shots!

Happy Tuesday Evening!

Enter this current giveaway and then go to bed and get some rest!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blessing Pictures and Handmade Facinator Giveaway: Utah Baby Photography

This Giveaway Is Now Closed!

Here's some recent shots of my baby girl in her blessing gown(crocheted by my aunt), with her blessing blanket(crocheted by My Grandma), and wearing her 'blessing fascinator' (Hair piece made by me).

In our church we give little baby's a 'blessing' in the first few months of life. Little Girl had hers when she was 3 months old.

Here's a fun associated giveaway:

I made 2 of those fascinators (hair pieces)* so if you want my extra one, leave a comment with your email address in the comment section of this post. You may only enter once.

That's all.

P.S. When you leave your comment it will not show right away. It takes a while for me to approve them! So don't stress, and don't leave multiples :)

I will choose the winner via random.org.
You have until midnight on Friday May 27th to enter.
I will post the winner on this blog sometime on Saturday May 28th.

*I hope somebody enters: this fascinator could be really cute on a headband for a little girl, as a shower gift, photography prop, I would even wear it next to a low bun in my own hair . . . uh. . . I have worn mine (but not the one that I will send you. . . ha)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Was Framed: Tuesday Tip

Look at this picture:

There are a million things wrong with it, right?

It's grainy/noisy.
There are remnants of red eye.
It was taken with frontal flash.
It's a scanned image of an old original that has scratches on the glossy finish.
etc. . .

There are two things that I love about this snap shot of my family as a child.

The first is the placement and expressions of all the people:

I really like the grouping, It's well balanced. The expressions on each face is unique, and if you know these people, those expressions and body language are indicative of their personalities. I am a little shy and awkward --- not thrilled with being photographed. My sister is cuddly and sweet. My brother, silly, rambunctious, only holding still because he is being squeezed between Dad's legs. My mom still has that same dynamite smile, and my dad is generally calm and more reserved.

The second thing I like about this picture is the way the surroundings are used to frame the subjects:

Isn't that cool?

I think that Is what makes this photo 'a favorite family photo.'

One thing to think about when you are taking pictures is how to use your surroundings in an interesting way. Framing your subject within a building, window, or with organic shapes found in nature will always increase the interest level in your pictures.

Here are some more examples of framing your subject:

These are all examples of architecture, or man made materials being used to frame the families or people in the images.

Nature also provides us ways to 'frame each other' (ha ha ha --- I'm funny, right). For example, the picture of my family is at the entrance of a cave. Also, Orchards provide a framed look to the image with it's trees on both sides and branches overhead.

Go out and FRAME someone already!

Happy Tuesday Night!